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Hair Care: Splurge & Save


The bad news: frigid winter weather sucks the moisture and volume out of hair indefinitely. The good news: you can splurge or save on a variety of products to protect your strands. I love using oil to lock in moisture, dry shampoo to prevent over-washing, and a wide-tooth comb to treat my hair delicately.

I love a good silkening oil to lock in moisture after showering. When my hair is still damp, I'll run a nickel-sized amount of oil from mid-shaft to the ends of my hair for a smoothing effect. To splurge, check out CHI Silk Infusion, which smells amazing and the 12 oz. bottle lasted for over a year! To save, the OGX Moroccan Argan Oil comes in a 3.3 oz size, but also smells great and adds a pretty texture to hair.

On days when there's virtually no time to get ready, dry shampoo is my best friend! Because of dry winter air, it's also important not to wash your hair everyday (so it doesn't dry out). To splurge, try DryBar's Detox Dry Shampoo; it's available for blondes and brunettes, so you don't have to worry about any powder streaks. To save, try Dove's Dry Shampoo; it's under $5 and has the same effect as DryBar's product, the main difference is the packaging and the smell. Dove's smell is similar to baby powder, and DryBar's smells more like perfume.

Lastly, a wide-tooth comb is a safe way to detangle your hair. The cold air can dry out hair and make it more brittle, thus being more prone to breakage. A large spaced-out comb not only evenly distributes products, but works for all hair types and prevents the breakage that a smaller comb would cause. To splurge, invest in this pretty pink comb from Sephora, or save with a more environmentally-friendly comb from the Body Shop.