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My All-Time Favorite Perfumes


My All-Time Favorite Perfumes


I've been a beauty junkie since I was 13 and worked at four major retailers known for their awesome fragrances, so you can say I've experimented with quite a few products. In my opinion, perfume is the most important beauty product when it comes to being memorable. Scent is the sense that most powerfully evokes memories, so I wanted to share the scents that I love.

To begin with, DKNY MY NY is a feminine and fruity perfume that is actually light and airy, so it's a great everyday option.

CK One is a delightful unisex scent with base notes like cedar and light notes like lemon for a satisfying balance. It's a no-fuss fragrance that has a just-got-out-of-the-shower freshness.

Then there's Gucci II, a floral-fruity Eau De Parfum with a cedar base. This is sweet yet musky, ideal for a date night.

Tocca Stella is infused with blood orange and sandalwood. It's a laid-back way to wear a grown-up version of a fruity scent, and ideal for catching up over brunch or lounging at home.

Lastly is Gucci Envy Me, which has a little bite to it. Notes include pink pepper, peony and teakwood, so you should wear it for a sassy confidence boost.