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Heineken Brings Us Bastille On The Mercedes #EvolutionTour

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Heineken Brings Us Bastille On The Mercedes #EvolutionTour


At Navy Pier's stunning Aon Grand Ballroom, Bastille took center stage to celebrate the new Mercedes-Benz GLA and CLA on The Evolution Tour. The tour is taking place across America, having started in New York and moving on to Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Austin.

With this Chicago stop of the Evolution Tour located at Navy Pier, a dazzling firework display happened while DJ Ruckus started his set. His act was followed by the massively talented Bastille, who drew in a crowd to fill the entire ballroom. Hits like Pompeii and Bad Blood filled the room with incredible acoustics accompanied by stellar audio and visual effects. With their rendition of Bad Blood, the stage flooded with pulsating red lights that truly showcased the mood of the music.

The event also exhibited a pop-up shop to create screen-printed Cotton Heritage shirts and a millenial-targeted selfie station. Guests enjoyed custom Wodka cocktails, Heineken, plenty of Skinny Pop and Kind Bars as they took in the music, decor and sights of the ballroom. The Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour successfully introduced its new offerings in an attractive way.