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5 Gems for a Commuter Survival Kit

Life + Home

5 Gems for a Commuter Survival Kit


As a commuter, these small things have helped me maintain my sanity throughout the stress of commuting. If you're in need of some TLC while traveling, it's really the little things that help!

Never miss a text or email again with this elegant gilded phone charger.

It's a dirty world out there, and this little ray of sunshine can protect you against sickness and give you a sweet scent boost.

Even if you're a Starbucks aficionado, it's good to save up and bring your own coffee or tea in a pretty little tumbler.

Loud conversations, bad music, traffic, machinery; you name it, these popular noise-cancelling earbuds block it out so you can hear your own thoughts.

If you're feeling tired, stressed or just bored, aromatherapy can help immensely. Dab a couple of drops of lavender oil on your wrists for a lovely mood boost. I hope these tips make a difference in your daily commute!