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A Private Summer Plane Ride Over Michigan Beaches

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A Private Summer Plane Ride Over Michigan Beaches


Ever since I can remember, I've traveled to Michigan on the Fourth of July. As far as the Midwest goes, the beaches, lakes and camping in Michigan are unparalleled. I've sailed, wakeboarded, skimboarded and cruised on the water, camped in plenty of state parks and built many a sand castle on the pretty beaches throughout Michigan.

But there's something I've never done that I randomly got the opportunity to do this weekend-fly. Or at least be a passenger on a flight; I don't have my pilot's license :). I soared above Harbor Springs and looked at the happy boaters and beachers below.

There was something ethereal about being so far away, yet close enough to observe the complicated, unpredictable and dynamic human experience in simple shapes and colors. Everything looked so tranquil and perfect. It was one of the most peaceful things I've ever seen. Although I was pretty nervous about flying in a single-engine, four-person Cessna, I'm so glad I did. So my advice to you in whatever you're doing: go for it. Because a change in perspective is everything.