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How to Find Your Dream Apartment


Looking for an apartment varies in every region, but it's nothing short of an Olympic sport in Chicago. So I wanted to share my tips that are the result of years of curating the perfect place; hopefully they can save you some time and hassle! Plus, some of my lust-worthy dream apartment features are below from some very stylish blogs.

  1. Stay away from a "garden unit", it's a nice way of saying "basement"
  2. Set your budget early for monthly rent, utilities, furniture, food and transportation
  3. When in doubt, keep the three P's in mind
    1. Price (rent, utilities, deposit, fees)
    2. Proximity to work (close to transportation, commute time)
    3. Profile of neighborhood (restaurants, nightlife, crime rating)
  4. Don't wait a second if you get a "this is the one" feeling; lock it down or someone else will! 
  5. Make a list of what you're willing to sacrifice and what you must have in a place (you may need to compromise)
  6. Hang in there, because it's all worth it in the end to be at your home-sweet-home!