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Trend Spotting: Boho Chic


How to dress boho-chic is something I've been asked a lot, mainly because some people don't know where to start. It can be a little overwhelming to make ripped jeans, loose shirts and stacks of jewelry look chic, which is totally understandable. I wanted to share some of my Makeoverly tips and tricks to conquering this tricky look. Boho-chic has been consistently featured in fashion magazines, blogs and boutiques for its undeniable simplicity, high level of comfort, and elegant aesthetic. This style is particularly laid-back, natural and approachable, which is why I love it for anything from a date night to running errands on the weekend. Since fall is officially here, now is the perfect time to master this effortlessly graceful look.

Stock up on the essentials. This includes maxi skirts, tank tops, loose blouses and distressed denim. You can mix and match these for a variety of outfits to stretch your dollars as much as possible! One of my favorite looks includes a lovely maxi skirt with an embellished tank top. Earth tones are definitely your best bet, as they look phenomenal on all skin tones.An easy and classic option for footwear is a chic pair of sandals. Boots are also a great option for cooler weather.

When it comes to accessories—the more, the better! Long earrings, stackable bracelets, long necklaces and rings are all appropriate. The beauty of boho is that nearly anything goes, so have fun mixing and matching irresistible jewelry!

An important part of any look is hair and makeup. For this specific style, simply wearing your hair down with gentle waves accentuates its overall relaxed feel. For a little sass, a loose fishtail braid is a charming way to play up your hair. When it comes to eye shadow, play up the natural, earthy tones. A simple all-in-one eye shadow palette in various shades of brown is an easy way to find colors that work well together, along with a light amount of bronzer to accentuate your cheekbones.

With all of these tips in mind, you’ll be the cutest boho babe in town. When you stick with earth tones and have at least one loose and relaxed piece, whether it’s a top or skirt—you’ll get the hang of this delightful trend in no time.