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Fashion Forward: Lauren Cecchi New York


This fall/winter, I've been so lucky to write for Lauren Cecchi New York, a fabulous handbag designer in New York City. After marveling over her well-crafted products for months, I have learned a lot about accessories and craftsmanship. Thus, I was recently thrilled to obtain a blush cardholder from Lauren Cecchi New York. Shortly thereafter, I was overtly thrilled when I could call one of her signature bags my own!

This blush Mezzo handbag with silver accents is the epitome of grace. Not only do the handles disappear on command, but they adjust from short to long like a shoulder tote or even a cross-body messenger bag. This is easily the most versatile and beautiful handbag that I've seen, because it's classy and subtle while still maintaining the aesthetic of a modern statement piece. If you need a gorgeous handbag to hold your essentials, the Sorella is a beautiful option as well.

Lauren Cecchi consciously designs and creates her handbags in America with impeccable Argentinian leather. Her latest collection includes keychains, cardholders, clutches, and handbags of every style for any occasion. With colors like lipstick red, blush, rose gold, chocolate and black, every woman could use a sophisticated, all-around handbag from Lauren Cecchi New York.